Coming Out of the Hole

written by liz on Thursday, May 21 2009

I have been feeling very blocked when it comes to writing lately. I have been discovering lots of cool blogs like and and  Unfortunately, I have been having so much fun reading other blogs that I have somehow slipped into blogblackholedom and am finding it difficult to find my way out to write in my own.

One unfortunate side effect of slipping down this hole, is that I somehow have decided other people’s writing and experiences are much wiser and creative than mine-  I could never possibly write anything interesting. I stare at my glassy computer screen and cannot think of one juicy thing to write. It goes something like this:  I could write about how I feel really short tempered with the kids… nah too negative, who wants to read that? I could write about the pesto I just made from basil I harvested from the garden…nah too “Martha.” Oh I know, how about how I cannot believe my kids invited some really little kids in to the back yard this afternoon and how their mom never came over to check on them – no, what if the mom finds out I wrote about her and actually reads it! There is a list of things as long as my arm and I have a: no that’s not good for whatever reason for every one of them. Seems I am having a bad case of the dark ass inner critic taking residence in the part of my brain that makes decisions and gets things done. Screw you inner critic, I am taking you on today.

I bought some gorgeous peonies from Trader Joes yesterday. Aren’t they just the puffiest, pinkest dreamiest specimens of perfection?  I have not figured out how to grow them myself yet, although they are one of my favorites. I did buy a peony plant from the farmers market about 4 years ago, the woman had the longest set of instructions I think I’d ever heard of when it came to a plant… at one point I swear she told me to sprinkle them with moon dust from the one legged fairy who circles around the dead Oak at the third bend in the creek on the first full moon in January. Honestly, it seemed altogether too complicated to me so I ignored all the instructions. At the time I thought, I can grow this, I don’t need to remember all that…. but I was wrong and I couldn’t. So I haven’t and that was why I had to buy these at Trader Joes….

   050   047 049  005


Oh yeah, back to Trader Joes.  I really went to TJ’s for raspberry tea to make sun tea but of course by the time I got almost to the last aisle at Trader Joes where the tea is, I got distracted by the GUMMY PENGUINS I found for Alex’s 7th birthday cake (he adores penguins) and of course I completely forgot about the tea!   Um, please inner critic shut up, I know I’m  rambling and maybe not that interesting and yes I am guessing ADD may be a factor in my inability to make a cohesive blog post or run errands --- but I am still typing- see- Hah!

As I attempted to photograph the peonies the boys discovered me with a camera and decided they would like me to photograph their Lego creations which did….


011  013 027 029


After that, Alex says Mommy? Wanna read? Which of course is music to my ears no matter how loudly that inner critic wails, so we read. Alex picked a Curious George story to read to me. During the story, I was so impressed with Alex’s reading that I filmed it, at the perfect point where George goes overboard on a ship I dropped the camera—Alex pointed out that it was a funny place to drop the camera as it simulated being thrown overboard- ha! He continued reading while I told him to stop picking his nose, then we laughed about George smoking a pipe, then the boys did some embarrassing crotch grabbing that I don’t think they realize they are even doing (that is why I am not posting the cute video of Alex reading).  By the time we ended the story, it was bedtime – glorious thank GAWD it’s bedtime and I put them to bed. I breathed my nightly sigh of relief and continued on with this post. Now I will put myself to bed- and THIS POST to bed! Yay! I cannot wait to fall into my marshmallow of a bed.  I think that is a good place to end it. Take that inner critic! I say: Bugger off!

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