written by liz on Thursday, May 28 2009

I usually get my eyebrows waxed once a month. They start looking a little scruffy and so I head to a little shop that I don’t need an appointment for and they usually take me right away.  Unfortunately, the last few times I have gone to this  particular shop my brows have been a little uneven. Not a big, glaring, obvious difference but I notice it. Last time I went in, and mentioned it, she tried harder but it still was not completely even in the end. So, I contemplated going to a new place. I called two places – one was not open (on a Wednesday? who is closed on Wednesday?) and the other was booked. This was the only day I had free time and so I went back to the usual place hoping for the best.

I had to wait about 10 minutes which I had had to do before. I guess in that 10 extra minutes I had time to think, so when I got on the table to be waxed, I asked if I should have my chin done too- I had a few stray hairs (what the hell is it with the aging process anyway? Am I turning into a MAN?) so I asked. The technician said, sure, sure honey and went to work. Problem is: she didn’t stop with my chin. Before I knew it, she was on my cheek! Then, she went below and above my lip. Next thing I knew, her little wax application stick was at the nostrils! Oh! Ouch! PAINFUL. Painful and too much! I really just wanted my brows and chin done. What was I supposed to do? Stop her mid cheek?  Then, she started in on my NECK! When I finally sat up and she handed me a mirror- I said, stunned and a bit annoyed, I really only wanted my chin. She said: “no no honey… feeel it.” She grabbed for my hand and brought it to my face. All I could think was baby’s butt. And then, this is SO very odd. I said it again: I only wanted my chin and brows. She started saying in broken English: “Usually I charge more but I give you deal!” She pointed at my brows and said: “usually $16 then chin $10.. but I only charge you $20, 20 dollars for whole thing!”

Honestly, I felt violated. Did I mention it hurt? I went to the counter and she cheerfully said: you come back again now, I take care of you. Uh, no thanks I thought to myself. I stared at her and feigned a smile. I got to my car and as I backed out of the parking lot I told myself I have to find a new shop. I MUST find a new shop. Never again. That is the last time I ever get a Brazillian- ON MY FACE.

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