Happy Anniversary, Part 2

written by liz on Tuesday, August 26 2008

For part two of our anniversary celebration, we spent Saturday night in San Francisco (after our awesome day in Healdsburg). One perk of Michael traveling so much for work, is that he is now part of the Starwood Preferred Guest Program and he had a free night available at a Starwood Hotel. The "W" was booked so we stayed at the Westin St. Francis on Union Square. Everything was great until we checked in and the front desk clerk told us we would be staying on the 24th floor of "the tower". I immediately remembered what I didn't like about the  St. Francis. Two words: glass elevator. Let's just say I am not particularly fond of heights.

On the way to the elevator, Michael assured me I would be OK. I was not so sure. We stepped in and he pushed the button. As the elevator began its ascent, it felt like my stomach flew up into my throat. I kept thinking, are we there yet, are we there yet, as we went up 24 floors. I could not look.  Frozen in a state of panic, I could not move. I turned my back on the city.

Once out of the elevator I walked gingerly to the room. Being up that high just made everything feel fragile. We checked out the room and then of course walked over to see the view. Wow we were up high. I could barely look out. Were those matchbox cars cruising along the streets below?


 view from 24th floor


We changed and had to get back in the elevator to go out to dinner. Gripping on to Michael I somehow made it down.

We went out to dinner, and walked around The Mission. It was fun. I felt like I had my guard up, but it was fun.  When we came back to the hotel, I somehow managed to get on the elevator get back to the room and then to bed.  I didn't sleep well. Thoughts of an earthquake came and went as I drifted in and out of sleep.  Mix in some anxiety about the school year starting and well, It was not so restful. Sigh. Wasn't this supposed to be a perfect night out to celebrate our anniversary? I felt self inflicted pressure and guilt about that. I finally fell asleep. I was in and out of sleep all night.  Once I was finally tired enough to sleep it was early morning. My husband, then decided he had had enough sleep.  At 7:30 on Sunday morning, on the last day of our summer,  Mr. Bright Eyes wanted coffee and breakfast. I was still stuffed with lamb from our late night meal at Range .   I never get to sleep in. What was he doing AWAKE? I'm sorry but I just can't get excited about breakfast. It's not my thing. Did I mention it was our last day of summer vacation!!!???

Once awake, I felt not so great. A combination of too little sleep, and eating late at night left me feeling ragged. I  am OLD and cant eat lamb at 9:00pm and think it's not going to phase my body the next day! I rubbed my eyes, I tried to think what would make me feel better. After some bickering, Michael went downstairs to the lobby to get a croissant and coffee. As I stood trying to look down at Union Square from 24 floors above,  it occurred to me that I could use a  little retail therapy. I looked up Britax Fabrics to see what time they opened. Not good news: Britax is closed on Sunday. So frustrating!  I wanted to buy fabric to start a project from my new book Simple Sewing.

I thought a shower would help me. Not even the "Heavenly Shower" helped. I got dressed, Michael came back and we gathered up our stuff and got back in the @#$% elevator one last time and made it down to the lobby. Some woman on the elevator had the nerve to start talking about earthquakes as we rode down. 

After much deliberation, (what do you want to do, no, what do you want to do?) we took a cab to North Beach. Uh, I guess I didn't remember anything is open before 11 in North Beach. Biordi: closed. Aria: closed. My mind: now completely shut down and closed. Poor Michael I pity him. I was in bitch mode. Not even coffee at Stella Pastry helped. 


I debated a cookie from Mara's, my favorite bakery. I still felt full and when I thought I should go for it, Michael was hailing a cab and we were off to the next stop.

I was annoyed with the city. The traffic, the noise, cigarette smoke, YUCK! My beloved San Francisco. I was not feeling it. The sun was shining- rare in the summer in The City. Usually a beautiful sunny day is enough to perk me up, but I still was down. To cheer myself up, I looked at pictures stored on my camera while in the cab. I noticed I had lots of garden photos: sunflowers. zinnias, veggies in the raised beds. It brought me some peace. Could it be true I had turned into the country mouse? I asked Michael if it was possible. He said he thought it was, a that there was nothing wrong with that. As usual a perfect answer, and I felt annoyed at him for being perfect and at myself for being so flawed. This was not going well.


P1120136 P1120152  P1120129


We went to Nob Hill, where our car was parked over night. We paid $45 dollars for that parking, thank you very much.  Once back in our own wheels, I drove to Potrero Hill to find a shop I had once visited. Surprise surprise I could not frickin' find the place! We then drove through The Mission thinking it might help to eat a taco. Somewhere along the way I decided I couldn't deal with The Mission, the crowds, the traffic, the signs for payday loans. I was down on the whole stinking place. 

At 12:30 we finally found a cute little French place and got a table for brunch in Noe Valley.  After an argument about parking, male perception and tacos, I finally cracked.  Tears welled up in my eyes. I confessed I was having a hard time with Alex growing up, going off to school, the end of summer. I felt awful for feeling awful and asked Michel if we could start over. He said of course and told me he loved me no matter what.

He put his hands out like a cup and let me rest my hands in his.

Sometimes I just can't believe he puts up with me. 

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