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written by liz on Saturday, August 30 2008

Alex and Sam had their first sleep over last night. Their friends, Tom and Michael who are about the same age as they are, spent the night. We decided to take the boys so their parents could celebrate their anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Suzanne and Zee! Hope you had fun. We had a great time.

Gotta love Thomas the Train tracks and trains. It's a great group activity and it kept the boys occupied for long stretches of time. They incorporate Magna Tiles, animals, and anything else in the vicinity to make it more interesting.  Suzanne also has what I think is the most brilliant mommy idea of all time - to pack a bag of toys to share with their hosts when they visit people. This is so awesome for my boys. They get new things to play with, while her boys play with our loot. This keeps everyone satisfied and content.  That is the goal isn't it?

Tom and Michael are intrigued by the fact that we have a dog. Michael says to me: "We don't have a pet." He is perplexed that Charm will roll onto her back. He does not know why she is doing this. I tell him that Charm wants to be his friend and that if he rubs her tummy she will love it. He obliges her and they seem to befriend one another. I actually witness them bond :)

Tom, is not so sure. I don't blame him. Charm has a bad habit of running up to visitors (mainly the under 9 set) when they come in the front door.  In all the excitement of new people in the house Charm will either frighten or annoy the newcomer by:

a) jumping up on them

b) barking at them

c) nipping at them

First let me say, Charm has never hurt anyone and I do not think for one moment she would ever bite someone. But, she is one high energy dog and kids just are not used to that. I was terrified of dogs as a kid, so I sympathize. I try to assure the kids that she would never hurt them. I think Tom is trying to be open to becoming friends with Charm (especially because his brother taking to her). He tries to sit on the rug with everyone and pet her. But he is scared. I think that Charm senses his fear and then she gets in his face and he doesn't like it.  Then the fear escalates on both their parts so I try to separate them. I put Charm in her crate, but with all the excitement she barks over and over and over. I would love a magic solution to this dilemma. I don't want Charm to frighten Tom. Anyone who knows knows my main hope is that people are comfortable in our house.

008After dinner I popped popcorn for movie time. Who knew this was so exciting!  They loved it!


 009 010 011


ALex and Tom watch Cat In The Hat DVD on the couch while Sam and Michael watch Toy Story 2 in our bed (below).


012 013 014

After everyone is settled, I sit on the couch with Tom and tell him I want to let Charm out of her crate. I assure Tom, Charm will not hurt him and that I will sit with him so he feels safe.  I really just want Charm and Tom to feel comfortable so that they can peacefully coexist in the same space. If he ignores Charm, she will ignore him. I don't think Tom is buying it, save for a few moments when he is so engrossed in Cat In the Hat that he forgets about her. It is short-lived though. I put her behind the baby gate.

When The Cat in The Hat was over everyone ended up in our bed to watch the rest of Toy Story. Looking through the lens I realize it is boys boys boys and I am outnumbered! Pretty cute bunch.

Sam and Michael sure have the blond cute thing in common don't they! Looking at little Michael from behind this morning, I thought it was Sam. Alex and Tom are a cute pair also. Both so sensitive that they prefer Cat In the Hat over Toy Story. Is it a birth order thing or what? These second born boys are pretty fearless.


017 018 020

019 022 024


After the movies, its bedtime. I think despite the dog issue the night is going swimmingly. No disputes, everyone is content. So far so good. But we all know the issues with kids and sleep overs is the sleep. Right? Will anyone get any sleep?

Never being one to keep things simple I added the attraction of having the sleep over in the back yard. In a tent. Michael and I joined the party. 6 of us in the same tent.

At first the gang was so excited they could not sleep. We looked for Mars and Venus. Big Michael (daddy) spotted a satellite. That entertained everyone for a while. Very shortly, little Michael and Sam were silent. Then I heard big Michael snoring. Tom, Alex and I were still awake.  Tom had the cutest line of the night.

Tom: How will I see a shooting star?

Me: You have to lie down and watch the sky.

Tom: Silence, followed by "How will I ever get any sleep?"

Me: (laughing to myself) You can only wait for five or ten minutes and if you don't see one, its time to go to sleep.

Tom: Oh.


Remember how bad you wanted to see a shooting star when you were a kid?

Tom reminded me of that.

So, I did not really sleep for the first half of the night. I was short one sleeping bag and I thought I was being so clever by using a duvet as a makeshift sleeping bag. To keep warm I added on an extra blanket. Since we are having a heat wave, it seemed like a great idea when it was 8pm and still 85 degrees out. By 2 am I was still awake and cold. By 3:30 I had escaped the tent to the warm cozy house where I was tempted to crawl in my bed and sleep the night away. But since big Michael was out there snoring, I knew I had to pile on layers and get another blanket.  I headed back for the tent, noticing the digital clock read:  3:33. Once I was nestled in again with more layers and blankets I finally fell asleep.

Rustling started around 6:30am and by 7:15 we were all back in the house again except Sam. Sleeping Sam was passed out until 7:45am and came bounding into the house when he woke up to tell us. "I had a good sleep!" We served up bacon, blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs.  Id say it was a pretty good first go of it. When are we going to do it again?

I'll have to think about that! But first, I am going





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