Upcountry Continued

written by liz on Thursday, July 28 2011

After The Enchanted Garden we went to Provence for lunch. Sam’s favorite thing on earth is a poached egg- so eggs benedict was perfect; Alex is wild for Crepes so the menu was made for the kids! After lunch we met a lovely couple who gave us a tip to hit the little organic farm up the road, so we drove over and and searched for it. So glad we did. We met Mark who has a slice of heaven up there- We picked some gorgeous beets, lettuce and chard…



learned about honey  bees….



checked out the amazing chicken coop & eggs -




met some chicks…



and visited with the goats IMG_7450IMG_7452


tonight I cooked the beets- by far, some of the best I have ever had- and I have had a lot of beets ….. Our thanks to Mark for the tour and showing us around. We LOVED IT. I think I might be driving back for more beets and some eggs next time. YUM!

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