Upcountry Adventure

written by liz on Monday, July 25 2011

We started off our day at The Surfing Goat Dairy Farm,IMG_7251IMG_7254IMG_7278IMG_7311

The sound of my little son Sam giggling as “his kids”came running for hay was priceless. For $1 you can buy a little bag of hay and feed the goats.  He was joyful over this! He also loved the cat on the property,




I was charmed by all the surfboards…..IMG_7261IMG_7260IMG_7266



We could have ended our sightseeing day there … everyone would have been happy- but since we are here for a limited time, we want to see MORE, so  we pressed on…..


Our next stop was Enchanting Floral Gardens in Kula  http://www.flowersofmaui.com/. The flowers were incredible. I am already starting to imagine some way to print, frame and display these babies!







Ooooh I am so dazzled!!!!   I could stare at these flowers forever- so I will save the rest of the road trip for another day.


Maui, you are beautiful.. just magic.

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