Rest in Vegas?

written by liz on Sunday, April 22 2012

For Spring Break this year, my husband and I went to Vegas for a few days. Although it is not know for its relaxation and restful vibe- that is exactly what we needed- so that is what we did… rest and recharge (and shop a little too).   It was so incredible to take naps, eat great food, have a massage, lay by a pool just by ourselves. My parents and sister gave us an incredible gift by taking the kids and letting us rest. We were so ready to rest and have some fun!


Here is a photo recap….

Our best dinner was at Julian Serrano’s Tapas restaurant in the Aria Hotel. The place was packed, it felt like we were at THE place to be and the food was just so yummy. The dessert doughnuts with butterscotch sauce are still on my mind. YUM! The Sangria was not too shabby either!



Before dinner we had fancy drinks in the Lounge…. how civilized was that?  (VERY!)  And it was also pretty fun to be wearing my new shoes from our shopping trip earlier in the day---



I love the pictures almost as much as the experience itself!

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