Mommy Confession

written by liz on Sunday, April 03 2011

I just found this rambling confession (I type things into my keyboard like a scream to the universe when I need vent!) when I was looking through some Word documents- I think I must have written it a couple months ago in a tunnel vision, desperate moment when I needed independence, balance and possibility in my life. Wow- I had no idea where I was headed at the time!

I always say: if you put something out into the universe- things can happen. In this case- things did happen- they are happening! Today I am launching my new business of selling Stella & Dot jewelry in Marin County and beyond.

Universe: ready or not, here I come! :) I’m excited!!!!


party pic


Confession (written months before I started my new business)

Help I am trapped in a bubble and I can’t escape. I need an umbilical cord to the outside. How can I work, be creative, make a living, pick up my kids, work in the classroom; somehow have my own identity?

I think of opening a business

I want to write

A venue?

A wine bar

A meeting place

Something that involves cooking

But I only have from 8:30-1:55

Somehow I want to also exercise and not run around until I am so ragged I cannot remember my phone number or what day it is

I want to live my dreams I want to do myself proud

I watch Oprah ….

I know it’s possible

I am hanging on a dangling end of a broken suspension bridge

Suspended in midair in a tornado

Do I hang on


Do acrobatics?

How do I reach out of my bubble that finally feels quiet manageable and SANE

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