written by liz on Wednesday, April 06 2011

With the coming of Spring,  I see the barren cherry tree begin to flower. The jasmine is about to bloom. My kids are growing too- they look so much bigger all the sudden! Things seem to be in a state of transformation.



My own change over is taking place too. I have learned how to do a handstand in yoga, and have lost the weight I have been trying to lose for a lifetime (thanks to Geneen Roth, Weight Watchers, yoga, and rowing)

023August 2010IMG_5354October 2010stella&dot 049March 2011



I held a launch party for my new Stella & Dot business!



The party menu included champagne, cupcakes, and a mini candy “bar” plus all the fabulous females in my life (which I was enjoying so much I didn’t take a photo of – whoops!)


I am so excited to show my kids I am excited about something!  I am hoping to blaze my own trail, wear yoga pants less, ask more questions, take more risks, and have more fun.  In the process, I hope I can make my family and myself proud.   I feel I am finally living my best life (un ashamed Oprah fan here, I admire her for this message she is conveying to women and people everywhere).

stella&dot 036

(Alex loves Stella & Dot too!)

My 8 year old son proudly told his friend : “my mom is becoming a business woman.” My husband sees a new “spring in my step.” I never thought I would find an opportunity to do something I love for work, AND still get to be a mommy.

I am bursting out of my skin because maybe I really can have it all.

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