What's the frequency

written by liz on Thursday, September 18 2008

When Sam was 2 days old or so, Michael took Alex along with him to the drugstore- probably to buy me some hemorrhoid cream or some gigantic pads or something equally hideous. At the store, Alex all of 2 years and and 8 months, told Michael he wanted to buy his new baby brother a present. Michael obliged. Alex apparently took his time perusing the toy aisle and after a while, selected a plush blue stuffed police car, that had a siren that went off when you gave it a squeeze. Not being a fan of toys that make noise, I cringed a little when he showed me. But when I realized how thoughtful a big brother Alex was, I tuned  into whipped cream inside. So, I told people the aforementioned story and finished it off with, isn't that cute? I am sure some of them (the ones without kids) might have been rolling their eyes on the inside.

Well, almost 4 years later, we still have that stuffed car. For some reason, today - day of all days- when I am sleep deprived, Michael is out of town again, and Sam wouldn't nap again- Sam took it out and started to play with it. I hear the siren. First I cringed and then automatically tried to block it out. No matter how I tried to deny it, there it was wailing in the background while the boys hollered and tripped over toys on the floor in the living room.

Shortly after he brought it out and set it off, Sam walked out of the room and disappeared. Usually, you squeeze it and the siren would stop after a moment. Today it kept wailing. It is now still wailing. I stuck it under a cushion on the sofa to buffer the sound. I asked Alex what we should do with it and he said, "recycle it?"

It's giving me a headache.

4:51 I am too much of a sentimental fool to consider throwing it out

4:52 I wonder if taking a bat to it would be too extreme

4:53 I turn on music to drown out the sound

4:54 think about cooking dinner so I can get out of the room

4:59 I decide to put it on the porch


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