Happy Halloween!!!!

written by liz on Thursday, November 03 2011

I got started early this year when my youngest son said he wanted to be a squirrel- I was so excited it was something out of the ordinary- plus the kid LOVES squirrels- how could I pass up the opportunity to put my amateur sewing skills to work????  Here is the end result……

I loved that he loved it. Best part of my Halloween was riding bikes to school with him – he rode his bike giggling and laughing as I called out BIKE RIDING SQUIRREL! Love to hear him laugh!

Since I was on a roll, I made a bat costume for Alex that he really liked ….which was a huge relief- considering he didn’t want to dress up at all (last year when I made him the Ewok costume, he was crushed when

some kid said he looked like a  teddy bear!) Glad we have moved past THAT~!

Funny thing is…. I used the same pattern for all three of the head pieces (Ewok, squirrel & bat) - 2 out of 3 isn’t bad I suppose …..



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