Voila! Amazing side dish….

written by liz on Monday, May 18 2009


This past weekend, it was sweltering. Not 80 degrees, just warm, but HOT like Calcutta.  Even though it was hot, the family needed dinner. I rifled through the fridge and found zucchini, peppers, and just harvested baby carrots from the garden. I chopped up the vegetables, drizzled with olive oil and mixed in some crushed garlic… then, I fittingly pulled some Madras Curry Powder from the pantry, and generously sprinkled on the veggies and grilled. That was the best move of the day.  This amazing Sun Brand Madras Curry Powder rocks! I served the vegetables with Pork Tenderloin marinated with garlic and rosemary (which was cooked on the grill too.) We all loved that dinner. Even in the heat, everyone demolished it! We ate on the porch and a breeze even came up. Heaven.

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