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written by liz on Monday, February 08 2010

My kids got The Silver Spoon for Children cookbook for the holidays and it is such an adorable book. I am thinking about buying a stack and keeping them on hand children's for birthday party gifts.

Anything that gets kids cooking is fantastic in my eyes. This book has cute illustrations and simple easy to follow instructions.  The focus is on Italian food, which most kids love- at least mine do....


silverspoon cookbook_

So, in the past couple months we have been doing some cooking. The boys love the  desserts section the best. So far we have made the homemade ice cream (made in a Cuisinart, no ice cream maker needed). They LOVED it. (It was berry flavor).


271    279 285287


and last week Alex and I made the orange cake recipe. It was delicious. Alex has already decided he wants that cake for his birthday (which is almost FIVE months away). 



The book also inspired a pizza party

293 298

And ..... a night at home making  home made pasta. We made fresh fettuccini and Oh my goodness,  it was soooo good!

223 227  245 239


Hmmmm... suddenly it is clear to me why my jeans are so tight!


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