Dude, stop talking about food ….

written by liz on Tuesday, July 10 2012

I  know there is something cliché about posting pictures of food online ….I’ve heard people complain….”dude, stop telling us about your lunch!”  But….

Then. I. Ate. This. Salad.

It was so delicious! I KNOW its JUST A SALAD but  I LOVED IT ……maybe someone else will too.




This is how I made it. Washed Spinach and tore Romaine, dried completely and and tossed in the bowl.  On top of that I placed 2 poached eggs. Then I sprinkled it with bacon crumbles (left over from breakfast), next I added a couple ounces of grilled chicken (had it in the fridge already).   I then added: red onion, feta cheese crumbles, and tomato, oregano and chives just picked from my garden!


I made a very simple lemon, dijon,  flax oil dressing. All done!  I broke out a cloth napkin and a placemat. The house was silent. Noone home. I ate in peace. The poached eggs ooozed all over the lettuce and I took a bite with bacon, red onion and tomato.Crunch, oooze, Yum …. I imagined I was French.


Life is hectic and short; it’s important to create little moments of pure enjoyment.

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