August Coming

written by liz on Tuesday, July 28 2009

It's the end of July, and the first pear fell off the tree the other day- so I started picking them. I put a few little pears in a paper bag to ripen and today I noticed they were ripe and firm.  The day was not going well before this discovery....first I searched high and low for The Magic School Bus videos due TODAY, then my girls day lunch fell through, then I could not find the checkbook. I was getting very bitchy. Somehow I stumbled into the kitchen in my grumpy mood. I noticed the pears. I decided to make a claufouti... one hour later the house smelled yummy and I was temporarily sedated.... that is until the boys dropped their hotwheels truck in the dogs bowl, knocked the phone off the hook and the dog growled at them. I yelled: What are you DOING?


I feel like growling myself.... I really do. Maybe I can keep myself calm if I keep breathing in the claufouti smell? I'm not sure, I am ON EDGE.


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